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Today there is only one book - Scapegoat, the first in a series which will feature Branigan and many of the same cast of characters. If you want to know when the next one comes out, drop me a line and I'll let you know when that is released.

Tower Bridge Book Cover.jpg


When Branigan’s face was plastered across the front page of the newspapers, he might have lost his job in the Secret Intelligence Service but not his ability to disappear undercover. Asked by Chloe Travers’ parents to look for their missing daughter who has written her version of his story, Branigan's world is turned upside down. Chloe’s parents are not who they seem, and he finds himself sucked into a race against time to identify who among his ex-colleagues is masterminding a terrorist plot to rival 9/11. His only allies are Chloe, the girl he was sent to rescue, and Alan Armstrong, a socially-challenged computer geek. With the Intelligence Service, the police, and rogue agents after them, the unlikely trio must identify the architect of the plot against Branigan and stop a cataclysmic terrorist attack.

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