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"The force is strong with this one..."

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

I've been back down to see The Boy and been struck by how much I have taught him.

  • He's learned my "why buy a small pack when there is a discount for volume?" mantra

  • He shares my "a bad workman doesn't blame his tools - he buys a more powerful one," philosophy, and

  • He excels me when it comes to finding the "other way" to solve a problem

Which brings us back to Hendrix.

It was a joy to arrive at The Boy's home and find four out of the five Hendrix pictures proudly displayed on the wall.

The other way of displaying Hendrix

'What happened to his fret hand?' I asked.

(Incidentally, do you like my casual use of the technical term "fret hand?" It's a sign that I'm learning from The Boy too. He has this way of rolling his eyes in exasperation when Dad shows his age.

'Who's appearing at Download?' I asked recently [and for those of you who don't know, Download is a pop festival.]

'Slash, Slipknot, Tool.' The Boy replied, before rolling his eyes when I thought we were talking about a new DIY implement.

I got the same treatment when I referred to his "left hand" whilst he was playing his guitar.)

'It's over there,' he said, pointing to Hendrix's hand on the kitchen work surface.

'Why is it there?' I asked.

'Because I'm sticking it back up.'

Now, for those of you who were with me for the drama of The Boy falling on my head, (Here) you'll know that nails were a large part of the picture hanging process - as were a tape measure, spirit level and several indelible pens.


'Because it was crooked.'

Now, if you study the gap, you might see the obvious problem.

Note the holes dotted around the nail - which has been carefully centred in the gap. Not.

Yes, that's right.

This is the hole Dad marked in the wrong place by using the wrong indelible marker pen mark on the spirit level.

And The Boy has the perfect solution to the nail being in the wrong place...

....he's going to glue it back up using these:-

With 151 glue spots per pack, The Boy will clearly only need one pack - so I was mildly surprised when he placed three packs beside the missing hand.

'Why do you need 453 sticky glue spots for one picture?' I asked.

'Because they were on offer.'

Good boy - but then he has learned from a master.

'So, just for clarification,' I said, 'the solution to the nail being in the wrong place is gluing the picture up with 453 sticky glue spots?'

The eyes roll.

'Yes - it's the other way of putting the picture up. Besides I won't need all 453,' came the reply, 'I probably won't use the third pack.'

Excellent. This is a sign of maturity - reeling in the over-engineering trait you learned from Dad. Clearly 453 sticky pads is a little bit over the top - 302 is a much more reasonable number and so much easier than moving the nail.

With the picture safely installed back on the wall The Boy was able to demonstrate the extent to which Hendrix's image has been an inspiration.

He stared at the picture for a long time, reached for his guitar and began to pick out a haunting and immediately recognisable tune.

I marvelled at the influence of Hendrix's picture... the strains of Patience by Guns N' Roses washed over me.

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