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Gardening - the other way

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

We've come back home from Devon and visiting The Boy.

All-in-all Hendrix was a resounding success, and The Boy is now able to lose himself for hours adjusting the 5 pictures; never quite getting them into line.

I suggested he should get some blutack to fix them in place, but The Boy was concerned that this would mark the wall. A fair point, although I can't quite see how that correlates to the 17 abortive holes we've left in the wall behind the pictures.

Back home we found Nick working on the garden.

The garden deserves a blog of its own, as what started as a sketch on the back of an envelope has turned into something of a civil engineering undertaking.

This is one of my faults.

(Yes, believe it or not, I do have faults. I know - it is hard to believe.)

This fault is "The fault of over-engineering."

Hence the garden.

'Can you sketch what you want?' Nick asked.

'Of course,' I said.

Now, I'll admit modelling our suburban garden on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was a tad over ambitious, but Nick has risen to the challenge.

Let me take some pictures and I'll report back later with the first installment of "Gardening the Stuart Champion way."

If you want to join in with this exercise, you are going to need:-

  • A 5 Tonne JCB Digger

  • A Dumper Truck

  • 11 tons of hardcore

  • 7 tons of sand

  • 8 pallets of paving stones

  • 300 concrete blocks

  • And Nick

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